Propose with a Letter…

By: Hannah on May 31, 2013

Let’s face it, sometimes ladies can be rather… picky. This can make selecting a ring for a proposal a little difficult. So how do you get around this? You still want to do the whole ‘down on one knee’ business, but what about the ring?

Here’s a solution which means you still get to surprise her with a proposal, avoid any ring related disappointment and enjoy engagement ring shopping together.


A love letter ring, can be cast in a cheaper material and simply features a slot in which to place your folded note. Something to keep, a sentimental approach and a memory for life.

The ring featured in the image is from a US website and how now been discontinued, however, this sort of ring could be cast reasonably inexpensively at most jewellers. Alternatively, you could give a simple traditional ring and tie your note to it with ribbon.

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