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  1. Table & Seating Plan Ideas

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    Table and seating plans are a great opportunity to get creative and add personality to your venue styling. The Heaton House Events team love to see what our clients come up with, we have seen some unique and unusual designs over the years.

    Vintage family photographs, antique picture frames, maps, books and even old window frames can be used. Today, we take a look at some interesting ideas to inspire you…

    table plan vintage suitcase

  2. Party Planning – The Key Ingredients

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    Today: Guests

    Organising any event can be a daunting and stressful task. From a smaller, more casual gathering to a full-scale formal event, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration, and the to-do lists can seem endless!

    Whatever type of event you are planning, there are a few key items that should never be overlooked. Those vital ingredients that can really make a party one to remember, for all the right reasons.

    This week we will be taking a look at these most important factors, our guide to planning the perfect party. Today, let’s look at that most important consideration: your guests.

    The first and perhaps most obvious consideration when planning your event, is the people you decide to invite. Choosing the right mix of guests is vital for creating a fun and friendly atmosphere.

    Now, of course, there are certain events where you may need to invite people who are, lets say, a little more… difficult. We all have an embarrassing uncle or unruly friend or family member. But don’t panic! With some careful consideration, awkward situations can be avoided.

    The seating arrangements are key to building the right vibe; invest a little time in this one. The traditional way is to draw up your table plan and write out the names of each guest on small squares of paper so that you have each persons name individually written on their own piece, but if you prefer something a bit more high tech, there is some great table planning software available, some of which can be found at www.perfecttableplan.com

    However you choose to do it, organise the groups by table and consider who will be sitting next to whom. You can easily move the guest names around until you have the right mix. This can be tricky so allow some time to get it right.

    Those sitting together don’t necessarily need to know each other; it is part of the fun to meet new people. Consider what those guests may have in common and whether they will find it easy to converse.

    The trick to dealing with those more difficult guests is to sit them with people who may have a more calming effect and won’t be easily offended. Sitting a sweet old lady next to your lairy, drunken rugby friend is ill advised! Ask some of your closer friends to keep an eye on anyone you are concerned about so that they can quickly and subtly diffuse any awkward situations or whisk someone away to the dance floor.

    Remember, try not to worry about the guests and how they will behave, people are generally on their best behavior at a formal event and simply want to have fun and celebrate with you. With these plans in place, you can relax and move on to the next item on the planning list… take a look tomorrow to see what it is!

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